Guestrooms at Hôtel de la Gare, Yvonand

We have 14 guestrooms available all year round

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  • 1 person CHF 95.00
  • 2 persons CHF 140.00
  • family room: for 4 persons CHF 200: made up of 2 inter-communicating rooms with 1 double bed and a bunk bed.

3,7% VAT included in all our rates.

Room features:

All guestrooms include :

  • shower / WC 
  • TV 
  • free Internet access (Wi-Fi)

Breakfast is included in the price of the room. 

A tourist tax of CHF 2.30 is payable per person per night.

Supplements (per person)

  • Half-board : CHF 20.00
  • Full board : CHF 30.00

We wish you a very pleasant stay in our hotel.

We scored 82% in the customer satisfaction survey by Customer Alliance.

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